Rocket Recovery – Ejection Piston Test

A couple of tests of our ejection piston, that will be used for our latest project, a 75 mm PVC rocket I hope will be launched at the beginning of April. The prototype was not as powerful as we hoped, since our pyrotechnic mixture seems to be kind of weak. Simple KNO3 and sugar were used, mixed as dry powders. See the first video for details: For the second test, 1 gram of the improved pyrotechnic mixture was used, meaning that the KNO3 and Sugar were recrystallized, let to dry, than finely grounded. As a result, the piston ended up being more ...

Scrapheap Rockets Challenge – Discovery Channel

1998 – Season 1 Episode 6 – The rockets challenge. This the video that inspired me into starting to build scrap rockets. I was 13 when I saw it and I became addicted to rocketry ever since. So, watch it till the end, enjoy it, LIKE it if you like it, SUBSCRIBE if you appreciate my work – It did take me half a day to find it httpv://

Scratch Built High Power Rocket

Our High Power scratch built rocket, launched and tested in many different configurations. Enjoy the gallery below, and also watch the different attempts to launch it, using different motors and also different body configurations. First Launch Attempt – Using the J1022 Aluminum Motor httpv:// Second Launch Attempt – Using the J564 PPR Rocket Motor httpv:// Third Launch Attempt – Using the J564 PPR Rocket Motor – this one was a success httpv://

Early work

Various pictures of rockets / motors from the beginning of my personal rocketry activity. You can also watch the video of the first successful launch below. Enjoy ! httpv://